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About us

Accurate signal is forex signal providing company which also helps you with your day to day trading.

If you are wondering how forex signal works or Find forex signal live then it can be simply explained by the fact that trends of currency and global economic signals can definitely reveal which currency is appropriate to buy and when to sell it. For example you have chosen best forex trading broker and know how to set up forex trading account but you don’t know which currency to buy or sell. Accurate signal can do the hard work of currency trading analysis for you and reveal the best options so not only you save time but earn better profits in forex, since times is very essential when dealing with currency trading. Accurate signal is forex signal factory which provide forex signal free from unnecessary hurdles and Live forex signal.

We Provide

Types of forex signal

Following are the types of forex signal we provide, so you can choose the convenient way to deal with trading.


Holding the asset for few minutes only

Swing trading

Holding the assets for several days


Holding the asset for several months or a year

Day trading

Holding asset for a day or hours

Position trading

Holding asset for several weeks

Accurate signal is one of the top ten forex signal provider globally and we have long experience with forex trading internationally. We keep track on currencies globally and not limited to only few currencies. We have dedicated team of analysts and experts who keep updated themselves with new events and economic scenarios which can have impact on currency. Our talented pool of forex trading analysts constantly observe trend in currencies and pass on the information instantly so you can get trading timely done and never stop earning. We provide forex signal by dividing it in three categories – Type 1 currencies which have mostly positive trends, Type2 currencies which rise and fall more often but overall have positive trend and type 3 currencies which are sensitive to international market and shows huge spikes and fall. We also analyze which currency is better to trend by daily trading and which one is better to invest. Our customers can always switch to the type of trading and even do it simultaneously.

Here is why you should choose accurate signal for forex signal-

Why choose us

Finding the trustworthy forex signal website is as difficult as finding hay in a stack. (There are many scam fx signal provider) exist which exploit its customers by providing short term profit and sharing ineffectual forex signal based on clickbait articles, rather than analyzing actual scenarios.

  • Credible forex signals based on international market analysis
  • Real time forex signal
  • Global forex signal (Not limited to few currencies)
  • 24 x 7 Customer service
  • User friendly forex signal sharing interface
  • Timely updates of forex signals and notifying what’s hot right now
  • Assisting with forex trading account and trading